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  • What Countries do you ship to?
    My Home Team Turf™ currently ships within the U.S. only.
  • Can we ship International?
    Currently, My Home Team Turf™ does not ship outside of the United States. However, if your professional or personal travels have taken you abroad, please contact us and we will, without ‘paws’ make every effort to ensure My Home Team Turf™ becomes part of your lifestyle at home or office and ignites those memories shared because the best memories always start on game day. Special shipping rates may apply as well as, duties and landing costs for international orders.
  • Where are your products made?
    My Home Team Turf™ is incredibly proud to introduce the FIRST EVER Officially Licensed authentic professional sports turf mats and rugs into market with all elements from our labels that are sewn into the seam of the surged edges on the back of our nonskid backing to the fibers that compose and make the fibers that produce all of our authentic turf products. We are grateful to share that our manufacturing partner is Shaw Turf, a leader among synthetic turf companies and is the largest American-owned and operated synthetic turf company in the world. Shaw Turf is located in Calhoun, Georgia, USA.
  • Where do your products ship from?
    My Home Team Turf™ products when ordered on are shipped directly to you from Georgia, USA. When you order on-line or pick up your My Home Team Turf™ must have from one of our Proud Retail Partners within each of privileged licensed markets, your My Home Team Turf™ product is shipped from Georgia, USA.
  • Who pays for shipping?
    My Home Team Turf™ offers you, our valued customer, fan and new, My Home Team Turf™ Family several shipping options at checkout based on dimensions and weight we have provided. Our shipping rates are calculated based on dimensions and weight per FEDEX standard shipping rates. Currently, we can not offer Free Shipping but, we do humbly and graciously want to extend a 20% Holiday discount off of your purchase for your sincere support and cheering us on as we step onto the field and live like a Player because My Home Team Turf™ is the authentic field where the Players Practice and Play.
  • What is your return | exchange policy?
    My Home Team Turf™ wants to ensure all of our fans and teammates are satisfied wholeheartedly, satisfy and exceed your expectations! My Home Team Turf™ is the number one draft pick to be the first ever officially licensed professional sports field turf and with that said, we may experience a hiccup from time to time. We humbly ask you bear with us and help us grow and mature into the 5 Star Player you expect us to be. We will absolutely accept returns within 30 days of delivery. Item(s) must be in there original, undamaged condition with all labels attached. The return policy we will stand behind is 30 days upon receipt for a full refund or exchange - provided that the item is returned complete and in original condition. My Home Team Turf™ will cover the cost of return shipping within the US, but the original shipping cost will not be refunded. We will refund your purchase within 3-5 business days upon receiving the My Home Team Turf™ products back along with the original packaging and shipping label. To return an item, you must first contact us via We will respond within 24 hours. We will then arrange to collect the item from you. We can arrange collection from your home, work, or alternative address. We recommend that you keep the original packaging to make returning items easier. If you no longer have the original packaging, we can suggest alternatives. Returns are not possible on any custom orders.
  • What are Shipping Lead Times?
    Currently, My Home Team Turf™ has our Limited-Edition production run ready to ship to our Proud Retail Partners by December 17, 2023 and directly to you at the ship to address on your order. Orders received prior to December 17 will ship from December 17 – 19. Orders placed on-line will shipped within 24 hours. Orders placed after December 20 can not be guaranteed delivery before Christmas due to all the letters and packages flooding the gates to the North Pole for the last minute ‘Santa, I want …. ‘. Guaranteed to arrive before the Holiday for that special someone to received and really cheer about receiving their Holiday Must Have from YOU This is a 2023 Limited Edition run for the UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA, CLEMSON, TENNESSEE and the UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO BOULDER.
  • Will we have other schools in 2024?
    My Home Team Turf™ is currently pending final approvals of many colleges and league licenses for 2024. My Home Team Turf™ is truly hopeful to continue to Elevate Everyone’s Tailgate in 2024 and continue to be the Tailgate and Home gate Must Have of the Year within collegiate and professional sports … because if you ain’t first your last.
  • Custom Orders | House Divided?
    My Home Team Turf™ recognizes that we don’t all find true love within the golden gates of our alma martyr. Therefore, we find ourselves living in a ‘house divided’. My Home Team Turf™ absolutely will offer a CUSTOM House Divided must have to keep the peace on game day. As we step onto the field, we humbly ask for your support and opinion of what house you are living in ‘divided’ by pride, history, and generational game day traditions?
  • How can I order a custom mat-rug for my lawn at home?
    My Home Team Turf™ absolutely can assist you with this very special request and way of life. With our proprietary decorating machines and capabilities of printing an entire football field, we can certainly assist you with this request whether it be the entire lawn or just a specific place within your home or office footprint. Please contact us at with your special request and inquiry regarding a residential branding with your pride and joy.
  • How do I track my order?
    My Home Team Turf™ will provide you with a tracking number once the order is shipped via email. Also, our client service team will call you to ensure you received the email with your tracking number.
  • What happens if my order is received damaged?
    My Home Team Turf™ stands behind its products and services as well as our shipping carriers. Should your My Home Team Turf™ arrive damaged, please call or contact us immediately. We will work seamlessly to get this resolved to ensure you needs are met with a replacement or refund immediately.
  • Who owns My Home Team Turf™?
    My Home Team Turf™, the brand was a recipe from an idea, conversation’s, research, a missing ingredient in the tailgate and sports game day space and curated to perfection with heart, commitment, dedication, perseverance, honesty, integrity, passion and a will to never give up on a field of life’s opportunities built on dreams and ultimately striving to make those dreams a humble reality. My Home Team Turf™, the brand is owned and operated by a 100% women owned boutique marketing company with over 30 years of expertise recognized for excellence and a proven track record within the sports marketing, professional and collegiate merchandise and licensing industry as a curator of new product development and go-to-market strategies that enliven the senses and instill wellbeing for the mindset and lifestyle choices to benefit first and foremost the consumer … the fan! A southern girl that grew up living and breathing football learned very early on that life is not a spectator sport and football was a way of life … one must live like everyday is game day fueled with pom poms, spirit hands and generational traditions.
  • Who makes the first ever officially licensed authentic professional sports turf?
    My Home Team Turf™ is proud to call Shaw Turf, a leader among synthetic turf companies and the largest American-owned and operated synthetic turf company in the world, our manufacturer, our partner. Shaw Turf is a division of Shaw Industries and comprised of four brands that excel in providing synthetic solutions for commercial, residential landscaping, pet facilities, parks, playgrounds, sports fields, and landfill applications. Shaw Turf infuses the mindset of creating a better future for their customers, their people, company and communities with their shared core values of honesty, integrity and passion. Shaw Turf possesses an impressive list of high-profile prestigious clients, including the Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Indianapolis Colts, Arizona Diamondbacks, Miami Marlins, Texas Rangers, Tampa Bay Rays and many others. Engineered for performance and safety, Shaw Turf features a product line designed specifically to meet the needs of athletes and sports programs. For these reasons amongst others, Shaw Turf stands for quality, excellence and a commitment to stand behind their products with product innovation, ingenuity and a forward-thinking mindset of offering the next of what we don’t know we MUST HAVE … thus, MY HOME TEAM TURF™.
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