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Welcome to My Home Team Turf™.
It is our humble pleasure to introduce YOU to My Home Team Turf™ - HOME to the Officially Licensed Collegiate and Professional Sports Turf Mats and Rugs. Perfect to elevate your tailgate, mancave, sheshed, flatbed truck, RV, home, event and red-carpet turf moments.

Our Story
In 2022, My Home Team Turf™ began building the foundation with an unrehearsed playbook, brimming with ideas, creative concepts, countless conversations and unwavering support from industry colleagues who were thirsty for new and innovative products. Our journey demanded adept navigation of the intricate dance of "who's on first" and uncovering a profound reservoir of untapped potential within the tailgate, home gate, and the overarching game day experience.



Our commitment to excellence, dedication, knowledge, passion and a will to never give up on a field of dreams by life’s opportunities began to script.

Rooted in our family's heart, we comprehend the mindset shaped by Southern values and a reverence for traditions. It is this rich tapestry of experiences that propels My Home Team Turf™, infusing our brand with a genuine understanding of what makes game days extraordinarily - the BEST DAYS.

Who We Are
My Home Team Turf™ was created by 100% women owned and operated boutique marketing firm Founder and President of Out of the Box Promotional Marketing. A serial entrepreneur, brand architect and strategist with over 30 years’ experience in licensing and product development known for conceptualizing and implementing global marketing campaigns, developing licensed sports merchandise programs, new product development and go-to-market strategies ... ALWAYS striving to consistently offer a selection of unique and innovative consumer products that speak to the heart and soul of the consumer ~ nurturing that forever family post-graduation and those generational traditions that infuse the essence of their alma mater pride. 


My Home Team Turf™ is an officially licensed product from out of the box promotional marketing. 

In forging a strategic alliance with Shaw Turf headquartered in Georgia, My Home Team Turf™ proudly aligns itself with a preeminent force in the synthetic turf domain. As the foremost American-owned and operated synthetic turf company on a global scale, Shaw Turf stands tall as a symbol of unwavering commitment to excellence and an illustrious history of catering to professional organizations in the NFL, MLB, MLS and college.

Exciting news: Shaw Sports Turf is recognized as the Official Synthetic Turf Sponsor of the College Football Playoffs.

For these reasons amongst others, My Home Team Turf™ products, manufactured by Shaw Turf stand for quality, excellence and a commitment to stand behind our products with product innovation, ingenuity and a forward-thinking mindset of offering the next of what we don’t know we MUST HAVE ~ MY HOME TEAM TURF™!

Our Promise
Committed to delivering the highest level of customer service, we assure you that your experience with My Home Team Turf™ will be dedicated to creating memories that last a lifetime because the best memories are made at tailgate.

Join us in scripting the My Home Team Turf™ Playbook. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on our upcoming My Home Team Turf™ products for 2024.

As we script our playbook, please let us know who you are cheering for and we will work diligently to add them to our elite NCAA Roster.

All of our products are PROUDLY manufactured in the USA.


We look forward to seeing your My Home Team Turf™ memorable moments as you LIVE ON WHAT THEY PLAY ON.

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